Selecting the perfect dress for a second marriage With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, it's no surprise that many brides are heading to the alter for the second or third time.Many brides are conflicted on how to choose the perfect dress for a second marriage.Shopping for your second wedding dress should be as fun as shopping for dress for prom your first.I have five great suggestions on what you can wear for your second wedding dress.Second wedding dresses:Perfect dress for a second marriage 1:The ivory traditional wedding gown For traditional brides who don't want to wear pure white, but still want to have a formal wedding an ivory wedding gown is the perfect second wedding dress choice.Some brides may be concerned if it's permissible to wear a formal wedding gown the second time around, but it's perfectly acceptable.The only thing that a bride should worry about is wearing a veil that covers her face.It is not permissible to wear a face covering veil at the second wedding.However, you can wear a veil that falls down the back of your head.Other veil substitutes include a glittery headband, flowers, or a hat. For a second bride that is a little more mature or a little more conservative, a pant suit is a perfect second wedding dress choice.There are several very tasteful pantsuits that are perfect for a second wedding dress.Stick to rich fabrics such as silk and rich colors such as ivory, champagne, and pastel colors.A second bride can also select a pant suit that matches her bridesmaid gowns.In addition, selecting a pant suit that matches the selected wedding colors is a unique and wonderful option. Second wedding dresses:Perfect dress for a second marriage 3:The cocktail dress For second time brides, a cocktail dress is a wonderful option for a second wedding dress.This is especially true if the bride and her groom frequent black tie events or like to dine at formal restaurants.The cocktail dress doesn't need to be ivory or any other traditional wedding color.This is a perfect dress for a second marriage because it allows the bride to really shine in a dress that she will use again. Second wedding dresses:Perfect dress for a second marriage 4:The little black dress Every woman should own a little black dress that is timeless, classy, and flattering.A second time bride can accessorize her little black dress tastefully with pearls, a classy shawl, and a flattering corsage.This second wedding dress selection is one of the best options for second time brides who have to plan their second wedding on a budget.Since it's highly likely that you already own a little black dress, all you will have to pay for are great accessories. Second wedding dresses:Perfect dress for a second wedding 5:The ivory or champagne bridesmaid dress There are several great ivory and champagne colored bridesmaid dresses available at your local bridal gown boutique.These dresses are a great pick for second time brides because they aren't as formal as a wedding gown, but still are made especially for a wedding.You can have all the experience of shopping in a bridal boutique without worrying if your choice is appropriate.In addition, bridesmaid dresses are normally cheaper than a traditional bridesmaid gown which means you will have more to spend on other aspects of your special day. Getting married for the second time is just as important as getting dress for prom married for the first time.Second time brides do not need to stress about the appropriateness of their second wedding dress.Finding the perfect dress for a second wedding is easy when you consider your various options. Published by meg g. Meg g.Is a financial professional.During her previous life, she ran a contracting business with her husband.Now, she likes to share late breaking news, financial advice, and do it yourself tips with her d.