Royal wedding dresses of the past Royal wedding dresses are gorgeous.Not many people in the world monclersoldes can say or sketch what they want and a team of professionals work tirelessly to make a brides dream a reality. Most young women find their dress in a catalog, online or in a store on a rack.Lots of young girls in the 1980's dreamed of having a gown like princess diana.Her dress was a timeless classic with lace, ruffles and bows.The train flowed in the wind for what seemed like miles.The spencer family tiara was breath taking as well.Diana definitely had a fairytale like day. Hm the queenwas a gorgeous bride as well.The lace train to her gown was so elegant and detailed.Once again, a timeless classic that will be remembered forever. Looking through several pictures, here are a few other royal wedding gowns that caught etiquette amy's eye: Princess maxima of netherlands, 2002 monclersoldes2013 Princess grace kelly of monaco, 1956 Crown princess marie chantal of greece, 1995 Princess mabel wisse smit of netherlands, 2004 Mary of denmark, 2004 Can you even begin to fathom the amount of time and detail required to produce one of these dresses?The dress makers are amazing craftsmen and are worth every penny they choose to charge for their services.When a bride, royal or common, finds her dress the price tag is an afterthought.Etiquette amy's wedding dress is still loved and treasured as much as it was on her wedding day in garner, nc. The talk of the town this week is kate middleton's dress.All we know is that we won't know anything until we see her step out of the car in front of westminster abbey.Secrets are hard to keep now a days and this one has been kept under lock and key.We will all wait with baited breath for her to step out of her automobile for the last time as a commoner, because after the ceremony she will become royalty.