Message board posts I had so much trouble with last night, due to dial up, that i was really lucky to be able to start the thread.I couldn add to any of the others when done. We were inspected for termites today and the guy found them all in the crawl space under the roof where the heater is.They are going to tent both house and garage but not sure exactly when yet.I will also probably use the low fat cheeses instead of fat free but i use my extra daily pts.For that.I do drink ff milk. Phyl:Have a fun and safe trip! Nancy:I so glad you coming in march.Hopefully i be closer to goal by then.I feel so fat right now. Harriet:I not so sure simple start will work well when you not cooking for your self but certainly give it a try.When i get back to the ranch i will light the tree.I'm sorry to hear that you had trouble with your dial up last evening.I'm glad that they can work the tenting around the time that you will be at the beach house.I hope that the new program works for you.The steamer and cookbook sound great.Yes, let's get the cocoa ready for the campfire. Yesterday was a very dull day.With the snow i was lucky to make it to the mall for my 5 miles.There were the same usual people there.I had a breakfast subway and coffee for $3.It's so nice to start the day having breakfast with friends. Harriet working with your menu should be great for your simple start program.I know that manor park puts out their menu monthly.That sounds great to me.Yes, that's what i did yesterday.I stayed in where it was warm and looked out at all the traffic and people going to mass at 4:30.The church is my view right across the soccer field. Joan it sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday.That's why i always enjoyed coming to ca during the winter.I was out and about every day.Now i'm snowbound.See you all at the campfire, nancy Guess i not really awake.I posted this at the end of yesterday post so i posting it here again Kathie, with the months menu, we will eat downstairs when the food fits into my plan.It usually is easy to eat core, but would have to count the seasonings, whatever they are.Anything i do will be an improvement most likely.We can eat in the dining room every day or we would run over our budget for food.I am fine with the way it is working, and this is truly the first month we have been here to see how far the money will go. We shopped yesterday, in the snow, all day.The temps were up so it didn pose a problem on the roads.Gratefully, a lot of people stayed home, and it was not so crowded.I came home and ordered the things i didn find on the internet.Today after church i will work on cards, and wrap some items, but most of what i got were stocking stuffers.I need to work on getting my scrapbook items together for my group on tuesday.Did i tell you i am doing mini albums for my girls of the sewing i did for them as they grew up.I have collected pictures from their childhood on up to their wedding dresses.I am going to give them the album along with the box of sewing notions i divided between the three of us.I hope i can get it done. I am waving to all as comment time has evaporated.Have a relaxing sunday all. Hi.Our snow was not too bad and the equipment is out clearing now.Kathie, i am so glad you were able to start us up today despite your computer issues and you are really dedicated to us and i thank you very much.My steamer is white and green and i am so jealous that yours is pink.Nancy, breakfast with friends is a good way to start the day.Have a good snowbound moncleroutlet day and i will too watching football and reading my big book on ted williams.Cat, i hope you slept well.Maybe that shaky feeling is gone too.Phyl, enjoy the ky vacation.I hope you are having good weather there.Harriet, plan those menus.I hope you got to the meeting.Joan, i like your big tree.My lights are about done but i pushed them around again and they look festive enough.I made the meatless chili in the simple start book andI loved it.I did not have the right stuff so i used broccoli, asparagus, and mushrooms in place of onions, celery, and carrots.I did not have any cans of diced tomato so i diced up a fresh tomato.I got salt free black beans and they are great.I tossed in the brown frozen rice instead of serving the chili on top of rice.I threw in some frozen peaches and strawberries.I loved it.I really did and i am very picky.I just love the simple start.Everything there is what i like to eat.Have a good day. It is a cold 25 here right now.I couldn sleep so i got up. Irene, your chili sounds healthy and you even got a serving of fruit!It got me thinking about curried fruit.Haven had that in ages. Nancy, i hope your day will be busy.Be careful in parking lots.A friend took a fall and we don even have ice!I think she was thinking about shopping and lost her balance. Joan, may your day be peaceful.Harriet, at least you didn have the ne storm.Phyl, glad you got to ky. Health moncleroutletuk to all.I must find coffee. Good morning partners, i sitting here sipping my flavored coffee and thinking about the day.Church and then a memorial.The tree sits waiting for some attention and there are more cards to address.Kathie sorry about the dial up problem.So far we are ok with the termite problem.We have dealt with them and also the subterranean kind.As you might remember, some time ago we now have redone bathrooms.Also a few posts ago you mention that jim is not wearing his prosthesis.I am very sorry and it makes it harder for you.Don know what you can do about it.Hi irene you sound pretty jazzed about the chili.It does sound good.Phyl have a nice trip and hope the weather co operates.Nancy am i to understand you will be here in march.That would be wonderful.Haven seen you in a coons age.Hee harriet i think the extension cords seem to grow by themselves.We always seem short on something in the way of electrical equipment.Surge bars seem to keep themselves busy.We never have enough.Hi cat, sorry about the dizzy spells move slow.How is the toe?Ok ladies on with my day.See all of you at the campfire.Will have the quilts warmed and s/f hot cocoa brewing.I haven decorated my wagon yet.Guess i had better get busy.