The magic of color combinations-Guide to evening dresses Evening dresses have a charm of their own and the right color combination only adds to this charm.A color combination gone wrong can steal the beauty of an evening dress completely.Hence it is very important that you get the colors right for a nice breezy evening.There some colors are suit a season better than the others.When deciding the right color of your evening dress, make sure that you are in sync with the colors for the season as well as your body type.Some common color disasters you could avoid are wearing a light pastel shade if you are on the heavier side.Here some tips on the right color that you could mix and match for the perfect evening dress. The golden color is famous and goes in almost all types of the parties and the functions.In an evening party the golden color can create a dazzle if wore and carried in a perfect manner.A golden color with a pair of black trousers is an unbeatable match if worn by a person with a classy body type.For being trendy and younger golden top with a pair of skirts and stockings is also a good choice. Metallic shades-Besides gold, you could try the silver or the copper shades for the ethereal romantic evening.Metallic shadesare in vogue now and coupled with the right accessories, they can lend a very unique style to your persona.Gowns in metallic silver with lace work are some varieties of dresses in this category that look great on a toned body.Tops in shades of copper go well with trousers where to find prom dresses if the evening is going to be a formal one.You could use a shimmering mascara to give a soft look to the eyes.Tunics are also available in the silver range or in grey for a light evening.Avoid bright shades of lipstick.They kill the ensemble.Gold ballet shoes with silver or any metallic shade will complete the look for a perfect evening. Black and white-This is the most tested and tried combination that has made many a heads turn if worn in the right way.Instead of using these two colors as a combination, try using the colors independently.Black is a very versatile and a flattering color that will suit any body type.If you are little on the chubbier side, black is magical in making you look trimmer.If you are on the thinner side, black flatters your figure.Black gowns, tunics, off shoulder mini dresses and footless tights are great for evening dresses. White too is fabulous in the form of long flowing skirts.Any shade of white whether it is cream or prom dresses evening gowns off white is good for accentuating a curvy figure.Team it up with the right jewellery and you have a show stopper for a party ready.