Juicy moncler doudoune couture kids shoes-Kids shoes with adult style Playing dress up is one of the memories that most kids have and hold special in their adult days.At least it was for me, but i'm a girl, i am not sure if it's different for girls and boys, but i had two brothers and they are both very masculine, but both of them enjoyed playing this game.Trundling around in your mums evening dresses and shoes is so much fun.Children today, may not have this pleasure now that juicy couture kids shoes are available, because many of these designs are replicas of fashionable adult shoes. Talk about being too cool for school, in these shoes, that is exactly what you kids will be.Although you will be hard put to impress on you kids that they can't wear these shoes for school, they will want to wear them everywhere, everyday.The names behind the juicy couture brand, pamela skaist-Levy and gela nash-Taylor live in pacoima, california and initially when they launched their fashion label, they wanted to make it affordable for everyone.But things changed fast and now it is one of the most exclusive labels available. Now that the label has taken off, it has become more exclusive than ever, and thanks to the"Madge"Track suit these girls very thoughtfully(And cleverly)Sent to madonna(Which she was seen wearing), their company took off virtually overnight and became a success. In the beginning the brand was quite limited, they did not have their own flagship store and there line was marketed though various big name department stores.Now they have their own flagship store on 5th avenue in new york as well as stores in, texas, atlanta, washington dc, chicago, and wait for it.Kuwait, jakarta, kuala lumpur, beijing, hong kong, milan, tokyo and shanghai. This label is not only about kids shoes however, they make clothing for adults and children, as well as maternity wear.They design and manufacture every accessory imaginable and their labeled accessories, clothing and shoes are in huge demand.Kid love, it, adults love it and pregnant women love it. This company has found itself in hot water once or twice and various organizations and parent have criticized their use of slogans.The company has not single slogan which it makes use off, but knocks slogans off moncler doudoune femme right, left and centre at will. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with this, but some people will find anything to complain about.If my kids like the label, and they do, i will buy it for them.I have better things to do with my time than infer that something as innocent as the word"Juicy"Is provocative as some ignorant people would have us believe. The mariska pumps in the kids shoe range are absolutely divine.They are smart, well made and very stylish.Any little girl wearing these shoes will look and feel like a princess.The label makes both shoes and boots for kids that are in keeping with fashion and are elegant.Juicy for kids look great.